With the warm weather comes another week…


March is the month of travel for this girl.

In two weeks I will travel to Tampa as apart of the Brownfield News team to introduce new technology for the radio network. This is at the 2011 Commodity Classic. Thousands of agriculture companies and organizations from across the country will be introducing new technology-from planting to harvesting corn, beans, milo, wheat…you name it-they’ll have it.

And I bet you know what I am thinking… plenty of story possibilities.

I LOVE people, agriculture and conversation. Do you think I’ll have a good time? You bet. Until the time comes to jet out down to warmer weather, I am keeping busy with radio at KBIA.

Last week, I finished my feature on the new Dietary Guidelines. This was the first feature I completed this semester and I felt very accomplished with the final product.

With this first feature I had the opportunity to travel to Boonville, Mo., and meet with the food coordinator. I also went to an elementary school and recorded first grade students eating lunch. Most kids LOVED the microphone. In my raw footage I have a few breaths and “HELLOS!” from eager students. It should air this week sometime.

I gathered great natural sounds and pulled three all-nighters to get the end-product. Needless to say, I worked my tail to the bone. I think the end-result was something I am proud to have completed.

Today I put the finishing touches on my second feature at KBIA. It’s a lot different than my first feature, but I worked just as hard to finish it. This time it is more focused on agriculture. It’s about how wheat prices could eventually impact grocery stores. I met with a Boonville wheat producer Thursday and interviewed Melvin from FAPRI. I had a great time and as always, a great learning experience!

What’s next? Well, I like to stay busy. Therefore, probably a wrap or two this week. I start my third feature on Friday. It’s a wrap-up of Black History Month and what a local group of MU students are doing to spread awareness about the month in Columbia.

On a side note: we have had WONDERFUL weather this past weekend. And with the warm weather comes another week of work.

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