Working Hard for The Money


In a recent article of the San Francisco Chronicle, writer Erin Joyce named the top 7 highest paying jobs for 2011.

1. Civil Engineer ($80,000)

2. Nurse Anesthetist ($156,000)

3. Physician Assistant ($92,000)

4. Construction Engineer ($68,000)

5. Project Manager (Construction-$90,000)

6. Management Consultant ($117,000)

7. Actuary ($133,000)

So where is journalism you ask?  Just to let you know, it won’t be at the top of the list anytime soon. Most journalists go into the business for the love of storytelling-not to make a million dollars.

It’s the hard work, determination and satisfaction of writing, broadcasting or representing an organization or company that makes journalism so worth while.

As a student in the broadcast sequence at the University, I am beginning to realize the value of hard work. I have the passion, drive and determination to succeed in journalism-I don’t have to have the pay.

It is enough for any broadcaster to know they are serving the public to the best of their ability in their own way- basically, a unique work of art.

Therefore, when I graduate within the next year I know I won’t necessarily make alot of money, but it’s the product made for serving the public that makes it all worthwhile to me.

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