Corn Stalks, Statistics and…Tubas.


Those three words sum up experiences I have had in the past week and what I have to look forward to this upcoming week.

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Above are the pictures taken in Tampa, Florida as part of the 2011 Commodity Classic. This convention offers the opportunity for corn, soybean, wheat, milo and other producers to get together and discuss current changes in agriculture.

Monsanto, Pioneer and other companies introduce new seed technology. Machinery producers such as John Deere and Case I-H show their new equipment. And farm broadcasters from across the nation meet to learn more about these new products and how to tell a new story.

Needless to say, in the agriculture industry this is a pretty big show.

I was stationed at the Pioneer booth to help producers download an application so they can see up-to-date weather, markets and news. They can even personalize settings to their area. We had EXCELLENT feedback from the program. If you want to check it out, go to .

In terms of KBIA Radio, last week I produced two day-turn wraps. One was regarding the institution of a potential diversity course at the University of Missouri. The other discussed recent results of a survey taken by Columbia, Missouri teens.

KBIA does not put up my web information for day-turns, but links above lead to other sites who covered the same issue I did.

Doing two wraps with in-depth web information is difficult to accomplish in short time, but I completed the two just fine.

I did learn, when writing a story about a survey, it is difficult to narrow down what information to put into the story, because what you put into your story may not be the main concern for one citizen, although it is for the majority. The story turned out well and it was done better than my first few wraps.

The diversity story was done well, too. Although I would have liked to have done a feature on a student’s prospective of the mandatory diversity course.

Looking to the upcoming week, I will head to Jefferson City on Monday to meet with their high school band for a clinic they are conducting with a very famous composer from the Kansas City area. He has written a song specifically for the band and they will perform. It will allow me to gather some great natural sounds and get many prospectives on the performance.

Also, I will be meeting with a few candidates running for city council for a feature or two. Columbia elections are to be held in April.

As you can see, I always manage to stay very busy during the school year. But as a new week begins, so do opportunities to learn more and produce great pieces for radio listeners at KBIA or through my internship at Brownfield Ag News.

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