Spring has sprung


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This week is the first official week of spring and lucky us, snow could be on the way.

We have definitely had an interesting beginning to 2011. That said, it’s amazing how accurate the phrase Missourians use which says, “If you don’t like Missouri weather, wait five minutes.”

We have had 20 inches of snowfall-making history at MU for the most snow days in a row. The weather gets nice and then in the blink of an eye-it all gets cold. I am not sure if we had what the groundhog predicted (an early spring), because we have had such wacky weather patterns.


The end of this week will be spring break. 🙂

I will be spending my upcoming spring break studying abroad. I am very excited to have the opportunity and the culture will be a great experience, too.

Before I leave, I still have many things to finish. Let me recap what I have been doing for the past two weeks:

I completed a feature on the Jefferson City All-District orchestra, completed a day-turn wrap and am currently working on Columbia election features.

To begin, the Jefferson City all district orchestra received an opportunity to have an original piece of music written for them. It was written for students from the 4th grade and older. The music is called Jefferson’s Procession and it is a layered piece to better fit the lower grade levels and their performance level.

It was a great feature story and I learned many things on the story,too.

It is very important to be prepared, because you never know if your recorder will work or not or if you can get somewhere to purchase back-up batteries.

My recorder card quit whenever I first arrived to a 5th grade classroom to conduct an interview. Luckily I had another in my bag. Although, it was full. I had to go to my radio station I intern at and take the time off the card. When I returned, I only got one minute recording and the card only had 59 minutes left on it. I had to record all my interviews and natural sound in 59 minutes. Tricky and complicated, although I managed to get everything captured in 20 minutes.

Also, I lost time because I had to purchase more batteries.

Needless to say-lesson learned.

My day turn wraps were on cyber bullying. This was an interesting piece because I learned so much while attending a local meeting. By the way, that is one thing I really enjoy about broadcasting-you learn something new everyday.

Lastly, I also followed Helen-a Columbia 5th ward candidate for Columbia’s City Council. This is for KBIA’s Talking Politics. She was great to speak with and I enjoyed following her as she campaigned within the community. It will be a tight race in April, and when I return I look forward to hearing the results.

As you can tell, I still keep myself busy. I enjoy all of these new opportunities of which God has blessed me. So as we embrace spring, I wish good, steady weather to all Missouri and a great spring break to my classmates.

As for me, I will be soaking up the sun in South America. Spring has sprung!

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