Take It Easy….


As the semester begins to come to a close, I have continued to stay busy with KBIA stories, but first, let me share an experience.

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These are photographs from my agriculture experience in Brazil over Spring Break. The photographs are of the University of Sao Paulo, a professor of the University of Sao Paulo, sugar cane, oranges and soybeans.

I did NOT bring a recorder, although I wish I had, because agriculture is HUGE in Brazil. There were many stories to tell and a learned a lot about Brazilian culture.

Before I knew it I was back to Columbia….

Looking to my last few weeks of the semester at KBIA, I have three features and two day turn wraps to complete.

Before Spring Break, I worked on election coverage in Columbia. I did two Talking Politics features and a day-turn wrap on election coverage of 5th Ward City Council member, Helen Anthony (who won, by the way-she was the underdog in that race).

This is the Talking Politics session for which I did the wraps.

That election week was very tiring, but a great learning experience, because I learned more about the city of Columbia and the issues surrounding the community in certain areas.

I am from a small town, but I really miss the community interaction and covering the election and being out with Columbia citizens was a great feeling. Columbia is much bigger than my town, but I have a love of people and being out there was a great feeling.

This time, I was prepared to work during my shifts and I felt very accomplished. I had recorder problems, but there was nothing I couldn’t fix or do without.

The upcoming week will probably bring a day-turn and a feature story. I look forward to what the next few weeks bring and I will share another lesson learned on another blog post. The experience of being in my broadcast course has made me a better reporter and I will (hopefully) only get better.

One thought on “Take It Easy….

  1. I LOVE your photos from Brazil! I know what you mean about wanting to have a recorder while studying abroad. Semester’s almost over-keep your chin up!

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