A Long, but NOT Forgotten Update


I realize it has been several months since I last posted an update from the crazy life of Carah. However, I will give you an update for old times sake.

So far, I have had a VERY busy summer. Most of that busy-ness comes from my internship with Missouri Soybean Association.

With Mo Soybeans, I have been working on a new agriculture education program called Common Ground. This program allows farm wives to add to the conversation about agriculture through interactions with urban housewives.

This Common Ground Program will eventually become a nation-wide movement for agriculture, but for now it’s just lifting-off the ground. Missouri is in phase two of this movement. Five other states were implemented in phase one.

Most volunteers in other states are just going into grocery stores and meeting with women. But Missouri? Not exactly what we had in mind. Our women are going to have an opportunity to “Bring agriculture to the table,” at three Bandana’s BBQ restaurant locations here in central Missouri. The locations are Jefferson City, Lake of the Ozarks and Sedalia.

The three women who are the Missouri volunteers are AMAZING and will do a GREAT job in their duties as volunteers.

I have had more opportunities to meet with other volunteers from across the Midwest and they are all fantastic, too. I believe this program will, eventually, change the prospective of agriculture as we know it.

Aside from the Common Ground Program, I am maintaining Facebook and Twitter. Be sure you LIKE our Mo Soy Page and FOLLOW us on Twitter!

I am also gaining some writing and business experience through this internship. I have learned alot this summer and it’s not over yet!

I also toured the KC Board of Trade this summer with Soybean-What a great experience! If you haven’t gone on a tour, I highly recommend it. I toured two biodiesel plants (one was a private tour with Governor Nixon and the first lady), made my own biodiesel and got a big tip from a few association members at our annual golf tournament.

I also exhibited pigs at the 2011 World Pork Expo, dodged high waters, volunteered for some good causes and came across a peacock near my home on a gravel road.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The life of Carah Hart is never boring. 🙂

Next week is the Missouri State Fair and I will stay extremely busy during that time.

That’s all I have to update so far. More to come during the school year.


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