The Texan Traveler


This week, I traveled to Lubbock, Texas for the 2012 Agricultural Communicators Professional Development Conference.

Let me begin by saying that Lubbock is VERY different from Columbia, Mo. Aside from its large size, the dirt is very red, the weather is always windy and there are cowboy boots everywhere.

During the few days I was there, I met several students from Universities across the U.S. We attended several professional development sessions focused on event planning and ag-vocating to social media management. Sessions were held on Texas Tech campus. These are some pictures from the National Ranch Heritage Center on campus.

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The National Ranch Heritage Center is a Texas history-focused museum. On display inside the building were spurs from the 1800s, revolvers and even some saddles.

Outside the museum were these windmills and actual Texan houses, just moved on site at Texas Tech. Texans are sure proud of their heritage and history.

During this time at the NRHC, we also met the Texan state photographer. His name is Wyman Meinzer.


Some of his photos are really impressive. Especially since he does not use photoshop.

Wyman Meinzer Texas Photography

After our conference sessions were completed each day, I found my way to several good burger places (the steak restaurants were all too busy). I also ventured out to eat at the “pie bar.” Pie mousse filling was spooned onto graham cracker, oreo or any crust there and topped with whipped cream and in a drink glass. How fun!

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