No Excuses, It’s Been Awhile


Life happened. No blogging for me for a long time. And to be honest with you, I didn’t want to. I got burned out. But now I’m back to blog about my current life happenings. Stay tuned for the good stuff (like an actual committed blogger-HA). I promise, my life adventures are starting to get good.

A brief synopsis of what you’ve missed:

1. Graduated college, and got a full-time job. Moved to one side of my beloved home state. Tough transition phase starting now.

2. Received another job offer with the same agency, moved to the other side of the state. (I’m just everywhere, man!) Transition phase continues, but I’m much happier. Check out the view!


3. Future things. I’m traveling. I’m exploring the beloved city with a landmark known as the Gateway to the West and I’m having a darn good time with it. I’m learning new things about a beautiful, blessed life God has provided.

Stay tuned. Life is about to get exciting.

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