Oh Baby!


This weekend, I explored all of the baby stores in the area and then some. I had no idea how tough it would be to find the gift I needed for a baby shower. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to follow a registry. But when this baby is going to be your niece or nephew a little creativity and gumption goes a long way.

I pinned baby gift ideas on Pinterest, but quickly found that sometimes it’s much easier to pin ideas than to implement.  Here are a few ideas I started with:

Baby Basket 2

Baby Basket 1

Duck Jar

Unfortunately, the bag in the first photo was discontinued from Thirty-One. My sister doesn’t have the fancy camera to really utilize the second gift, and the third is cute, but a little too simple. Instead, I put together a bundle of random goodies from Target to Babies ‘R’ Us to Hobby Lobby. It sure was tiring, but this girl is very excited about it. Because the gift is a surprise-no posting. However, it’s a mix of things the kid is sure to love.

Want to see what I did choose? Stay tuned for a baby shower post in a few weeks and find out.

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