An Introduction to 29 Gifts


Where did the year go? It doesn’t seem like it should be the end of 2013…Happy Holidays! I hope this post finds you well.

Today I started reading a new book. It’s called 29 Gifts: How to a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life.The book gives insight to the life of Cami Walker, a 30 something with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S). Struggles with her diagnosis and complications of her M.S. starts to affect Walker’s relationships and outlook on life. A close friend of Walker suggests she start focusing on others instead of her sickness as a way of healing, challenging Walker to give to others. Walker accepts the challenge, and the book reflects each day of Walker’s first month of gift giving-the good and bad, struggles and triumphs…etc.

This book challenges the reader to give 29 gifts as well. That’s one gift given each day for 29 days. The gift can be large or small, monetary or time…etc. The catch? If you forget to give one day, you start over with day one. I’m not really sure if I’m a fan of this catch, but we’ll see how the month goes.

I started this challenge today, hoping to end the year strong by giving more to others. If my calculations are correct-math isn’t my strong suit, so please bear with me-starting this challenge today puts the 31st of December at day 29. That means I will have just finished the challenge  before 2014.

I will be documenting these gift giving opportunites on this blog site. This will be done daily or in one weekly post-haven’t really decided yet. The ultimate goal (once I’ve successfully completed the first month of giving) is to apply the 29 gift concept each month moving forward so that you give gifts each day to help others. It sounds like a great opportunity, and I’m getting excited about what the next month has in store.

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