The Journey Begins…


As I begin a new semester with Columbia’s National Public Radio Affiliate, KBIA, I will embrace new opportunities to venture into Mid-Missouri and cover some interesting news.

I am really looking forward to it.

On another note, this year the University of Missouri made history by issuing three consecutive snow days. Needless to say, I felt proud to be apart of history, but soon I became restless and ventured to the radio station to help report.

I wrote two day-turn stories-one was on the Missouri National Guard and the declaration of emergency issued by the governor and the other was a follow-up of road conditions and accidents. The day was a learning experience and it allowed me to get into the groove of reporting.

I will be reporting for KBIA through May 2011. I will produce seven in-depth stories and a minimum of ten day-turn stories.

Recently, I finished another day-turn wrap on the tenth anniversary of the Missouri River Relief Program. The report should air Thursday or Friday and currently, I am working on a feature piece on the new USDA’s Dietary Guidelines.

The journey begins…

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