This past weekend wrapped up my final spring break as a college student. While some of my friends went to the beach, I decided to go home. I am glad I did, because that week was one of the best I have had in months.

My Grandma and I stayed busy with a tee-shirt quilt.

She also made one of my favorite foods-homeade angelfood cake.

A Grandma can sure make you feel special. We had a great time that day.

I also spent time at home on the farm. Our corn is coming up in the field.

The cattle were looking good, too.

When I wasn’t at home, I was in town with my dad. He has speech therapy twice a week.

It was good to be home. There are days I miss being there, and it will be awhile until I return, but this small town gal thinks it’s a good place to be.


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