Halfway Through the Semester…Exciting Things are Happening


This week marks the halfway point of my senior year fall semester at MU. I have managed to stay busy with school work and radio throughout the weeks with family time sprinkled in-between.

I am still with KBIA. I have been working on several features including my most recent auctioneering piece and an update on Missouri flooding (that is supposed to be going into Farm Journal media soon). I now find longer pieces more enjoyable than the short, day-turns. I also anchor at the station on Fridays-be sure to listen on the drive home for local news. You are more than likely to hear me talking.

I have an independent study this semester where I work with a video camera, producing agriculture-based stories across Mid-Missouri. None of this work is being used on KOMU, the local student television station, but it is good experience for my portfolio. I am entering the Biotech University as part of the class, too. It’s been tricky to narrow my topic to just one thing. I will have to put my findings together next week when I get back in state.

Where have I been you ask? Well…I will have to fill you in later this week. I am doing an internship in a media room. I will be focusing on more radio interviewing. I spent all morning checking out the area, but it’s all familiar, because I have been here before, several times.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be on the road for activities such as NAFB Convention and AFA. It’s been a very exciting semester so far…and I’m only half-way through.

Oh…I was at the recent MU 100th Homecoming Celebration. It feels great to be a Tiger.

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